Greeting cards are the quintessential way to mark the arrival or celebrate a holiday, such as Christmas. However, there are certain holidays out there where a greeting card seems like it would be the perfect gift to give to someone but is unfortunately forgotten. That holiday includes New Year’s Day.

With the new year right around the corner, this is your chance to put those cards into use finally. Rather than calling up people or sending them instant messages to greet them a happy new year, send them a celebratory card. In fact, why not take it up a notch and design your tags. A celebratory postcard is not only much more customisation, but it will also stand a better chance at being read at least once before being put to the side.

Here are three groups of people you should be sending these celebratory postcards:


  1. Family and Friends


The first group you should ever think about is your family and friends. After all, they’re the ones closest to you. You might even consider some of your friends as a family.

With that said, create custom celebratory postcards for your family members—parents, siblings, and children. Talk about how awesome they are, how they have impacted your life, and how much you appreciate them.

As for your friends, you can write about the same things too. However, you might have hundreds of friends, and you might not want to be writing to them all. You can either select the ones that are closest to you or do it for all the bunch of friends near you.

If you want to add more value to your gift, you can include additional items on your card, such as cash money.


  1. Co-workers and Clients


The co-workers and clients should also be on your list to make postcards. Not only will this show that you care for them all, but it can also help strengthen your relationships with them. It might even be a great way to break some ice with newer co-workers if there are any.

Write to co-workers and clients about how great it was to work with them and how much you look forward to continuing working with them in the future. This simple action can go a long way, not only in terms of relationship-building, but it can even help boost your reputation and possibly attract more people and clients to work with you.


  1. Children’s Friends


This is an excellent opportunity to get your kids to send gifts to your friends. Of course, you won’t have to spend a fortune buying toys and the likes, because you’d be making postcards instead! Work with your children in creating fun and creative postcards to send to their friends to welcome to the new year.

You can send celebratory postcards to anyone. How you design them will also be entirely up to you. They are the perfect gifts to send to someone, made out of care and love you have for them. Of course, if you’re having trouble thinking up unique designs (or even a design at all), you can always refer to the internet for the thousands of templates you can find. All the best, and have fun creating postcards!

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