Christmas cards were once a go-to gift people often send to distant relatives, hang by the staircase along with the socks for Santa to fill with candy, or give to office mates during the holiday parties. Giving greeting cards is a simple yet satisfying way of spreading the holiday cheer, especially when it comes to sharing positive vibes between friends, workmates, and family.

While Christmas cards still earn a genuine smile, it’s easy to look over the generic words and well wishes you often see. Generic greetings like “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”, “Wishing You a Wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays”, “Happy Christmas”, “Merry Christmas with lots of Love”, and other common phrases are often ignored.

These words feel empty, and more often than not, Christmas cards are given as an envelope for money. If you’re looking to add more pizzazz and a personal touch to your greeting cards, why not spice it up by adding quirky, funny, rude, and unique notes as your Christmas wish?


Unique Ideas On What To Put On Your Christmas Cards

Here are some examples of quirky and rude Christmas-themed cards you can play around with:


These are definitely quotes, jokes, and quips that you won’t see on your local bookstore and public shelves, but it certainly holds more personality and inside jokes that will hit the mark for your friends.

There’s no need to keep it clean, after all, so why not capture your wild streak and friendship by taking Christmas cards to the next level with these dirty jokes?


The Bottom Line: Bring Excitement Back In Giving Christmas Cards

There’s nothing more joyful during the Christmas season than the act of giving, but you don’t need to burn holes in your pocket just to prove that you care for your loved ones. Sending Christmas cards may seem out of touch, but adding personal notes that you can’t find in your typical Hallmark aisles.

If you’re in the mood to give your Christmas cards a boost in holiday cheer, why not try adding personalised notes like the ones mentioned above? It’s sure to put a smile and spread laughter among your friends.

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