Is it time to say adios to your favourite colleague or cheerio to the work mate you never really got to know? We have a wide range of goodbye cards to help you express how you really feel about them moving on to pastures new.

Whether you’re happy about it or not our funny goodbye cards will leave them in no doubt about where they stand.

Go On, Piss Off! Take Your Good Luck With You!

We Thought You’d Never Leave! Good Luck

Go On Piss Off …Bye!

Thank Fuck You’re Leaving… Good Luck!

For the best friend whose leaving you behind we’ve created the I Can’t Believe You’re Leaving You Bitch… I Mean Congratulations card because let’s face it, your life will be changing too! Who will break up the monotony of your work day or help you cover up those not so tiny mistakes that you seem to keep making? I’m sure you’re happy for them and want them to do well but you also want to let them know they’ll be missed like hell and impossible to replace!

Maybe you’re hoping the end isn’t really going to be the end? Our Congrats On The New Job… I Hope You Fucking Hate It leaving card will help you say come back soon.

Or perhaps you want to get the opposite message across? We’ve got plenty of options if you want to make it clear they won’t be missed. Although we do hope you’ll be joking! How about our Go On, Piss Off! Take Your Good Luck With You! card or maybe our We Thought You’d Never Leave! Good Luck card is more your style? If you’d prefer to keep it simple our You’ll Be Missed…. Not! card is the one to pick.

If your soon to be ex work mate is partial to a swear word or two and can be a bit of a cunt why not let them know with one of our cunt goodbye cards. Our You’re Leaving! Good Riddance You Cunt card is simple and straight to the point or if your prefer we even have one in partial French, the Bon Voyage You Cunt card.

We know its hard when your favourite colleague ups and leaves. Week days will feel longer and your hilarious jokes may go un laughed at for a little while but the perfect goodbye card will soften the blow and show them how much you care. We suggest writing a little note inside inviting them round after their first week to congratulate or commiserate over a few too many drinks. Remember, they may not be a work mate anymore but it doesn’t have to stop there, you can be friends now.