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Rude Birthday Cards

Whether you have a friend whose birthday is just around the corner or a sibling that you like to mess with every now and then, getting something funny for their birthday will only strengthen your bond. We have a massive library of rude birthday cards with clever taglines that will definitely tickle their funny bones. So go ahead, explore our card range and get that special person something hilarious to make your birthday gift stand out.

We all know being rude in a funny way never gets old, you can tell someone how old they look on their birthday and share a few laughs without them taking it seriously. When you share a special bond with someone, they know even when you are being rude or offensive, you are just doing it to share a few laughs with them. So make your birthday wishes stand out from the rest of the traditional ones they’ll be getting and let them know you went out of your way to get them something unforgettable. 

You can even have something custom written inside the card to make it more personal. A funny and offensive tagline on the outside and something heartfelt on the inside will make the card even more memorable.