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Funny Friendship Cards

Friends can be made anywhere and at any stage of life. That instant connection you feel when you see someone as weird as you is something that goes on for life. 

Whether you meet an interesting character like you at the office, school, or in your neighbourhood, telling them that you care for them will only strengthen your bond. Our funny friendship cards allow you to do just that. 

Show Love to Your Second Family:

There are two types of families in everyone’s life, the one that is their family by blood, and the other one is a family by a bond that you choose to be a part of your life. Since you love them both by all your heart, it is important that you frequently show them your appreciation for being with you in good or bad.  

We all show our love to our parents, siblings, children, or spouses, but friends are the kind of family that don’t often hear a ‘thank you,’ ‘I love you’ or ‘I care about you.’ Plus, doing this with a little bit of jesting will be a cherry on top. You can show your appreciation for them in a fun way and share some laughs as well. We have a wide assortment of funny friendship cards to help you do just that.

A Little Bit of Banter Always Keeps Things Light:

Friends pull each other’s leg all the time, so why not do just that while also showing your love and care for your partners in crime?  Our wide range of offensive friendship cards or rude friendship cards will be perfect for this.

Teasing your friends is not just a fun thing to do, but it’s your job to have a little banter with your buddies every now and then. So whether he/she has sworn a vow of silence because of something you did or didn’t do, sharing funny friendship cards with them will lighten their mood and make them talk to you again.

Further, Strengthen Your Bond With Our Funny Friendship Cards:

Whether you need to send one card to a special friend or a bunch of them to your whole squad, we have offered to meet your every need. You can order a single card with something custom written, or you can order our special discounted deal of 5 cards for just £9.99

We offer free delivery on orders over £20 as well. So make sure to break that add to cart button and tickle the funny bones of your partners in all seasons of your life.