Christmas, New Year, Valentines, and even special occasions such as birthdays and weddings are the perfect excuses to greet your clients by sending them a personalised card. Sure, personal cards are often handed out to friends, family, and loved ones during holidays and special occasions. However, they can also be given to your clients as a nice gesture. Why is this so? It’s simple, really. Holiday cards are the simplest, cheapest, lowest-risk, and highest-reward way to show both your current and former clients that they are thought of and that they are genuinely valued.

Sending personalised holiday cards is a great way to remind your clients that you care about them. There’s more to the gesture of giving than meets the eye. In the next section, we will discuss the five reasons why you should send your clients holiday cards.


Sending holiday cards is an act of caring.

A holiday card is a perfect item to use to show your clients how much you care. This is a great way to show that your interaction with your clients is not only on a business level but on a personal level as well. Amid the business endeavours, it won’t cost you that much money, time and effort to break the ice and show your clients that you care through something as small as a holiday card. A card may just be a minor token; however, it translates into utmost sincerity and creates a personal touch.


Sending holiday cards builds connections.

It may not be that obvious, but a holiday card actually builds connections with both your old and existing clients. It’s a reminder that you do not only deal with them on a business level. It’s a simple gesture that shows you treat them like they are family. Sending your current clients a holiday card shows that your relationships with them are valued. In the same way, handing out cards to your former clients ensures that you maintain the relationship. In business, it’s all about the connections. A simple holiday card can be instrumental in building good relationships.


Sending holiday cards is the perfect chance to remind them of you.

The good thing about a holiday card is that it can be displayed. Your clients can put it on the mantle or the fridge. It’s like it’s a souvenir of a good business endeavour and a positive personal relationship between you and your client. Whenever your client notices it, it reminds them of the great business pursuits and good interactions you have had with them. Who knows? That reminder can translate into referrals and recommendations on how good your service was.


Sending holiday cards can be a motivational tool.

A holiday card can also be a motivational tool, particularly to your existing clients. Did you realise that whenever you are acknowledged or appreciated, you become even more motivated with what you’re doing? The same logic applies to your clients who have received a holiday card. Those words of gratitude and the gesture itself as a sign of acknowledgement will keep them motivated to deliver above and beyond the expectations.


Sending holiday cards makes your clients feel good.

Finally, receiving a holiday card from you can make your clients feel good. Who would not appreciate the card itself? They say that it’s the thought that counts. What more if it’s personalised and it contains a message that conveys a heartfelt meaning?  Those words of gratitude can surely impact your clients, making them feel good about themselves. They will become more energised and excited about working with you. If they are your former clients, they will continue to do work with you in the future. If not, they will always recommend you. It’s a win-win!

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