In life, one of the hardest parts about the human experience is the process of learning how to accept that a loved one is about to pass away, especially when it comes to writing to them. No matter who is about to meet their final days, the end of someone’s life signifies a time to devote much effort, understanding, support, and gratitude from their own family and friends.

While death may be an inevitable part of life, most, if not all cultures still haven’t been able to come up with a way to properly accept or be comfortable enough without being awkward. This certain stifling can grow even stronger when the bond between oneself and the person is even deeper than any other, which makes it even more difficult to express oneself.

For those dealing with family or friends in hospice care, the apparent fact that this very person only has days or weeks to live can make saying goodbye very difficult. Even people who have experienced this sadness before still struggle when writing to someone who has a limited amount of time to live because of how impactful and overwhelming the experience can be.

Fortunately, getting the words out and being able to make a friend or family member feel loved enough to move on in peace doesn’t have to be painful as long as you’re guided on exactly what to say. If you have a loved one in hospice care but don’t exactly know how to put the words together when writing a card to them, here are a few ideas of messages that you can start working with right away:


  1. Thank you

Anyone with a deepened relationship with someone in hospice care undoubtedly has many things to thank them for.

In the case of those who have parents or guardians in hospice care that have taken care of them for the longest time, thankfulness is a perfect way to start with when getting one’s sentiments across. If you find yourself with fond memories of appreciation that a loved one has given you, then saying “thank you” is a perfect way to start off your letter or card.


  1. I love you

    One truth in life that anyone should duly note of is that the only thing stronger than death is love, especially one born out of a relationship that has gone through innumerable ups and downs.

Out of all the different ways you can express your emotions towards a loved one who only has a few days to live, telling them that you love them is a just way to show how special they are to you. By taking the time to express your deepest feelings for a family member, good friend, or someone special, you’ll be able to give them the greatest gift that they could ever ask for.


  1. Don’t worry about us

For many of those under hospice care, one of the most prominent worries that they have in the back of their minds has much to do with the people they will leave behind.

As painful as it is to see someone you love go, it’s much better to spend time reassuring them that you’re strong enough to carry on when they leave. Drafting up a message that combines the two themes mentioned above and expresses your readiness can help give your loved one a sense of relief, allowing them to depart with no worries in mind.



Saying goodbye to a loved one in hospice care is never easy, but sending out a message to them in the form of a card doesn’t have to be impossible. With the three themes mentioned above, you’ll be able to draft a message that will get your feelings out in the open and help break down barriers that may make the experience awkward or stifling.

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