When someone does something for us, we might feel a certain sense of responsibility to express our gratitude thoughtfully. It could be that they just did something small, like help us with a project, showed up for an important event in our life, simply helped us through a difficult. No matter how big or small their act was, it is good to thank them.

But without going over the top or making them feel uncomfortable with something too extravagant or inappropriate, how can you adequately show your gratitude? Of course, most of the time, people find that a simple “Thank you.” is enough. But you can do so much more without going overboard.

A Thank You Card should be enough for you to express your gratitude adequately. Here are some benefits to sending a card instead of a text or anything else.


It’s More Personal

Most cards come with a cover and a back, and that’s part of the charm already. By picking out the perfect card, the person can appreciate the thought and care that went into the gesture. You can then write a message inside to give it a more personal touch, although this is optional as most cards already include a short message inside.

Something about handwritten thoughts just feels so much more meaningful and valuable. This is not to say that saying thank you in person or through text or chat means less. But sending a card truly helps that person feel your intention and emotions more intensely.


It Can Make Their Day

Not many people send handwritten notes and letters these days. Going the extra mile to send a gesture like this could brighten up that person’s day. When people do something good for others, it’s not like they expect anything in return. For someone to go out of their way to make them feel this special can put a smile on anyone’s face.

You can also choose an unconventional card. Forget the usual and formal cards. There are so many other options that have funny and rude covers. It might not be your default choice, but it’s another personal touch that can go a long way in making a person indeed seen and appreciated.


It’s Important

Society must relearn how to connect deeper with one another. It’s become too easy to feel distant or disconnected even from people closest to you. Through this thoughtful gesture, you are making an effort to connect and set an excellent precedent for yourself and maybe even others.

When you feel deeply grateful for something that someone has done for you, it’s essential to express that in a way that satisfies you and the other person. Say more than just thank you, let that person know what their actions meant to you. All too often, people are afraid to get “cheesy” or emotional, but those are the exact things that we should be nurturing.

If a rude joke or an unconventional card is what does the job, then so be it.



You can say so much more with a handpicked card than just a simple thank you. It communicates care and thoughtfulness. Most of us don’t receive cards anymore, but they’re still around. Why? Because they’re still valuable and essential.

People still know how much a card can say when words or text fails us. If you want to send someone something unique and thoughtful, we’ve got just the thing for you. You Said It is a company that offers a wide range of cards perfect for any occasion. Consider sending funny or rude ‘Thank You’ cards in place of the traditional ones.