Sending a personalized greeting card is a thoughtful way to show someone you care. It’s also a reminder of a special occasion or event. If you’re having trouble choosing the right card, use the following tips.

Selecting the Best Greeting Card Design for any Occasion


1 – Pick the Right Size

First, you have to decide what size card you want to send. The size of the card will define why you are sending it and to who you are sending it. For example, if you’re sending a thank you card to someone, you will want to choose a card that is not too big, so you can avoid the feeling of being too formal. Another good example is a birthday card. You will want to make sure that your card fits in with the overall theme of the party and that you will not be embarrassed to deliver it.


2 – Figure Out the Message

Think about who you are sending the card to and why. Is it an anniversary? Then you will want to choose a card that is blank inside. Is it a birthday? Then you will want to write a message. Is it a thank you? Then you want to write something to show your appreciation. If you’re sending a card to someone, who you’ve never met, then you may want to write something funny or short. You can also consider a pre-written card or one that has a popular saying or poem.


3 – Don’t Send the Same Card to Everyone

Try to avoid sending the same card to various people. Just because Aunt Mary loved your card does not mean that cousin Jake will feel the same way. A good idea is to send cards that are tailored for each individual person. You can do this by changing the message or including something that is unique to you and your relationship with that person.


4 – Add Extra Details

Consider including a piece of confetti, a small gift card, or a picture of yourself. Adding extra things to the card will make it more personalized and special.


5 – Use the Appropriate Paper and Ink

Your card will last longer if you use high-quality paper and ink. If you want your card to look cheap, you should choose paper and ink that are darker or not as high quality. If you want to send a card that feels expensive, then choose brighter and higher quality paper and ink. You can also choose coloured or patterned paper or cards that have a linen finish.


6 – Make Sure the Text is Legible

If you are sending a card to someone who you suspect may not be able to read, it is important to ensure the text is easy to read. Try and avoid cards that have small text and do not use anything fancy. Fonts with various colours can be very hard to read, especially for people who do not wear their glasses all of the time.



Picking out a card for any occasion is not a difficult task as long as you have the right information to decide what to do. The tips above can help in choosing the right card.

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