In this age of texts and emails, most people might find it refreshing and surprising to receive a greeting card. After all, how often is it that you receive a handwritten letter or a friendly note?

There is nothing like the feeling of receiving a lovely, thought-out note. It makes an impression that is unlike any other, which is why many letters are kept and treasured for a long time.

Even a funny, rude greeting card can be a precious piece of history if sent with care and love. After all, there is nothing like drawing out a simultaneous laugh and cry from your loved ones.


It’s supported by science

In a study conducted by MindLab, scientists prove that greetings had a greater emotional impact than texts or emails. Electrodes were attached to the heads of lucky mums, which were designed to measure electrical responses to external stimuli in the brain.

The mums had to read messages from their children twice. The first time was in an email or text, and the second was in a greeting card. Even though it was the same message, the mums’ brains responded and flared up more when reading the card. Their emotional response was far greater—almost twice as that from the email message.

It was definitive proof that a card can make someone much happier than an email or social media message can, no matter the message.


Surveys show that people prefer it as well

In another study, a survey was conducted among mums by YouGov on behalf of Royal Mail. It showed that mums are more excited to receive handwritten cards on Mother’s day—at a staggering 48 per cent of mums who answered! Being pampered at a spa and having tea at the Ritz were tied for the distant second at 11 per cent, and relaxing on their own was at only 4 per cent.

The same poll showed that 77 per cent of the women were expecting to receive cards on Mother’s day, compared to the 7 per cent who expected some kind of social media greeting. 87 per cent of these mums also said they would like to receive a greeting card on their birthday.

This study shows that smaller gestures can be more precious and valuable, especially if done right. With these numbers, wouldn’t it be a grand gesture to send your mum a rude birthday card on her special day?


Final thoughts

Social media can seem impersonal. It takes minimal effort to pick up your phone, go to an app, and type up a message. On the other hand, a greeting card shows that you made an effort to select something that would resonate with the recipient. The fact that the message was handwritten takes this gift a step further.

In essence, you would be giving someone a piece of yourself—an artefact and proof that you value them. Science and surveys have proven it: Greeting cards are a touching and meaningful gesture that is preferred to even bigger gifts at times.

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