While there are different thoughts going on in your mind every day, the chances are that there’s one specific question that you haven’t asked yourself lately: “When was the last time I received a greeting card?”

In today’s digital world, it’s quite difficult to not get caught up in a cycle of convenience that unintentionally reduces the value of greetings to a certain extent. Today, greeting anyone for any occasion has been reduced to a mere array of keystrokes and clicks to the point where e-greetings no longer feel valuable (even if they’re made with the best intentions).


Why are greeting cards so powerful?

At this point, it can seem rather painfully obvious that a revival of handwritten and heartfelt greeting cards is overdue because of how meaningful it is to communicate with them. With all this talk about greeting cards and the way they allow for more meaningful dialogue and interactions, you might also be wondering why they’re so impactful!

If you’re thinking about stocking up on greeting cards from You Said It but don’t know what makes them so different from an e-greeting, here are a few key pointers that will best illustrate their power:


A lost art

One of the main reasons greeting cards remain unparalleled when it comes to making anyone feel special on their special day is that it’s a lost art form with a significance that isn’t seen anywhere else.

Although it’s not a new practice, the act of sending out congratulatory, thank you, and other types of greeting cards are one that’s begging to be brought back to everyday life because nothing has come close in terms of an impact. From the process of choosing and curating options to drafting well-thought notes that fill the blank spaces of a card, giving greeting cards is an art form in itself because of how much care and attention goes into it!


Personalisation unlike any other

When it comes to understanding just how impactful and vital greeting cards are today, it’s critical to look at the fact that it provides a distinct feeling of personalisation. If you think about it, does anything feel more personal and impactful than receiving a card on your birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion? Definitely not!

Regardless if you’re a person of few words or one of many, choosing to greet someone with a greeting card will always be a great way to personalise your greetings and make someone feel special. Taking the time to sort through different options and settling on a card that you best think will make someone smile is indeed a greater way to personalise your greeting!

Lasting impact

Unlike e-greetings or simple in-person wishes, greeting cards are especially powerful because they impart a lasting impression to make a recipient remember your kindness and love for life.

Seeing that a card is a unique gift that directly shows how much any sender cares about a person, people who receive them are bound to keep these pieces of decorative paper on their desks, fridges, or cork boards. If you want a greeting that will only leave a good, lasting impression on someone you genuinely care about, then a card is the way to go!


While greeting cards may seem rather dated at first because of how it’s like to live in today’s digital world, it’s worth noting that they remain as special and powerful as ever for all the right reasons. If you want to make your loved one feel more special or spark a tradition that will put the joy and heartfelt atmosphere back into greetings, then greeting cards are the way to go!

Whether you need a funny congratulations card or an offensive breakup card, we boast a wide range of different ways to greet someone you adore or appreciate on their special day. Visit our store to check out our range of options and place your order today!