Everywhere you look, you can still witness the effects of the pandemic. Whether you watch TV, check social media, read news articles, or listen to the radio, there’s no doubt about it that COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world.

This crisis has caused a lot of postponement of events and happenings, both big and small, whether they’re music concerts, sports events, school classes, and even travel plans. In light of everything that’s happened, you might be wondering if it’s still necessary or worth it to celebrate your small achievements. The answer is yes; it most definitely should be!

Celebrations are needed now more than ever to uplift people’s spirits, provide hope for the future, and turn the bad days around. If you’re racking your brain trying to find something cheery, then read on below to find out some of the events you can still celebrate in these troubled times.


You Can Celebrate an Engagement

If you’ve recently found out that your friend got engaged, you can show your support by sending them a thoughtful gift in the form of a funny engagement card. You can also consider the help of friends and family by asking them to write heartfelt notes and sending them over to you so you can compile them in an organised manner.

Even if all of you couldn’t be present in-person to witness the engagement, you can still show your love with the messages each of you wrote for the happy couple. The pandemic shouldn’t stop you from celebrating a couple’s relationship, especially now that they have a lifetime of love to rejoice!


You Can Celebrate Moving In

Many people found themselves unable to pay their rents due to the pandemic’s effects on their incomes, leading them to find new homes to move into at the last minute. As soon as they’ve settled down into their new apartments, expect people to be exhausted.

If you want to show your friends and family that you’re there for them if they ever need anything, you can send them a funny new home card to acknowledge their decisions. You want them to know that you look up to them for being brave, for packing all their stuff and moving to a new environment despite the feat of the unknown.


You Can Celebrate a Pregnancy Announcement

Since plenty of couples are quarantined together during the pandemic, expect to receive several pregnancy announcements. And what better way to celebrate their newest addition to the family than by sending them a funny pregnancy card!

Pregnancy is a challenging journey for women, and they will require all the reassurance to get them through nine months of sustaining the baby and getting through labour in one piece. While you can’t offer your service due to strict quarantine policies, you can still send them kind words of encouragement.


You Can Celebrate a New Job

COVID-19 has left thousands of people jobless, but it has also pushed them to break out of their comfort zones and try again. If you have any family and friends who recently found a new job, it’s only necessary to send them a funny new job card to let them know you care.

You can continue rooting for the people you love even by giving them a simple note. They will appreciate your small act of kindness, especially since they’re embarking on a new journey. Even while the pandemic continues to ensue, they know you were thinking of them and wishing them well.



Now more than ever, people need affection and any form of connection to let them know they’re not alone. The pandemic shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop celebrating life just because everyone’s in distress. Instead, it should give you more reasons to recognise an engagement, somebody moving into a new home, or a pregnancy announcement. Send your loved ones funny congratulations cards to help lighten the mood and give them a newfound silver lining to keep going.

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