It’s exciting to see someone who matters to you finally succeed at something they’ve been working hard for.  Whether that’s a family member or a friend, it’s a gift to see someone who’s been doing their best get their just rewards. A great way to acknowledge their achievement is to send them a congratulatory card.

Theoretically, you can congratulate people for pretty much anything. It’s appropriate to send a card out in that sense. Wouldn’t you love to get a card from a loved one after you do something that you’re incredibly proud of? There are key moments that call for congratulations, such as:

  • Acceptance at university or a college
  • Achieving a work milestone
  • Adopting a child
  • Anniversary (wedding, work, and the like)
  • Baptism
  • Being hired at a new job
  • Completing a major work project
  • Engagement
  • Getting a nomination for an award
  • Having a baby
  • Getting a work promotion
  • New home purchase
  • Passing school tests
  • Passing one’s driving test
  • School graduation
  • Starting a new business
  • Wedding
  • Winning an award

If there’s an occasion, then there’s a card for it. But, what must you write inside of it?


Congratulations Cards

Since you’re essentially celebrating someone’s achievement, there’s room for creativity and palpable joy. There is even room to send funny cards that insert an extra element of delight. However, what you ultimately write all depends on your relationship with the recipient. Is this someone you know personally, like a family member or a close friend? Or is this a more formal relationship, like a colleague at work or business contact?

A good standard template to start with is to open with a greeting before moving to the actual congratulations. When that’s done, add an expression of your pride. Close with well-wishes for the recipient’s future.

Formal greetings can be somewhat longer compared to casual ones, but understandably so. Think of incorporating statements like: “The success you have earned today is from your dedication and hard work every step of the way. Congratulations!” or “Congratulations! Wishing you the best on your next project which will doubtlessly be successful as well!”


When you’re able to go the more casual route, the greetings can be more concise and informal. Examples include:


  • “Congrats!”
  • “Great job on getting promoted! They couldn’t have chosen a better candidate!”
  • “He finally put a ring on it! Yay!”
  • “I’m so excited for you!”
  • “It was only a matter of time. Well done!”
  • “Nice work!”
  • “Welcome to the world, baby! Congratulations parents! Can’t wait to meet him (or her)!”
  • “Well done!”
  • “Woohoo!”
  • “You did it!”
  • “You’re super awesome!”


No matter what you end up writing, the recipient will definitely appreciate your sincere acknowledgement.



Writing greeting cards is a great way to send appreciation to your loved ones. This is even more important now in the time of the coronavirus when social distancing and lockdowns have everyone kept apart. Whether you’re congratulating newlyweds, a fresh university graduate or a colleague who got promoted, there’s a congratulations card for everyone. You can even send out a humorous, or even offensive, card!
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