Greeting cards are quite special. You can send them out if you want to congratulate someone, express a feeling (whether it’s admiration, gratitude or something else), send well-wishes or uplift someone. Sending greeting cards to your colleagues, family, friends, and even mere acquaintances can make them feel absolutely special.

But the question is, when do we send a greeting card? Obviously, we send greeting cards during special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, weddings, and other special events. But what if there are no special occasions and you just want to send somebody a greeting card?

What for, you ask? Maybe you just want to make someone feel better about themselves. Maybe you want to cheer someone up, console them, or reassure them that everything’s going to be OK. Whatever the case, the simple act of sending a greeting card can make a difference in someone’s life. Here are five reasons why sending a greeting card would be a good idea.



Maybe you’ve been thinking of the apple of your eye all day long and you decided to send her a card to let her know. Maybe you have a long-lost friend who suddenly crossed your mind and you want to reach out to him. Maybe you want to thank a person who helped you once upon a time. You can send these people greeting cards to let them know they were in your thoughts.



You may also resort to sending someone a card to express your admiration for that person. This may not necessarily be romantic in nature. Maybe you look up to a classmate or colleague who’s doing well. Or maybe you met someone who has great qualities and you want to let that person know how you feel. Be clear, however, that you aren’t a stalker or anything like that. Just say that you admire that person and you wanted to express it through a card. Who knows, you could end up making someone’s day!



Maybe you have family members, friends, or office mates whose small achievements deserve to be recognised. For instance, maybe your office colleague has started finally working out, which is something you’ve been trying to get him to do for ages. You can send a card him a card to tell him he did well by taking his first steps on the road to fitness. Who knows, it may give him the encouragement he needs to keep going. Or maybe your brother won a basketball game last week. Send him a congratulatory message with a greeting card. He will surely appreciate the gesture and he might even let you borrow his favourite pair of sneakers next time.



Your pet has died.

What if your friend’s beloved Siberian husky died, or your neighbour’s Persian cat finally passed away? We know how some people treat dogs, cats, and other animals as family members. Losing them is like losing a relative or dear friend. For all you know, sending a card will be a great way to comfort your friend after such a devastating loss. You may not know how a simple card can make a great difference in someone’s life, particularly during trying times such as the death of a pet.


No Particular Reason:

But what if you have absolutely no reason to send someone a card? What if you are simply bored with your life and looking for something to do to pass the time? If you have a talent for art, create customised greeting cards and send them to your family and friends. Sure, they may find it a little bit strange; but they’ll appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

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