On the surface, writing a wedding card may seem easy. But once you have the card in front of you and the pen in your hand, you may suddenly find yourself stuck with writer’s block.

Many people find it challenging to write a warm and heartfelt wedding card message because wedding day sentiments are like precious gems. This is because you want to make sure you word your thoughts and feelings correctly to ensure that the newlyweds feel the love and excitement you have in the next stage of their lives.

You’re probably here because you need some wedding card wording inspiration — if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to write a formal message or if you want to keep it casual and funny, here are some top wedding card tips and examples that can help you craft the perfect wedding well-wishes!


I Do: What You Should Do When Writing a Wedding Card

  • Address the Card to Them as a Pair: When you’re crafting a wedding card message, remember that it will be read by the couple together and not just the one who’s closest to you. With that being said, ensure that you’re congratulating them both and maybe leave out the inside jokes for another time — you wouldn’t want the other partner to feel misplaced in their own wedding card gift. However, if you’re close enough with both partners, you can squeeze in a joke or two to tickle their funny bone.
  • Plan Your What You Want to Say: Drafts help, and in this case, it can help you create a smooth flowing wedding wish filled with all your love and well-wishes. Besides that, when you plan what you want to say, you eliminate the errors you may make and keep your card neat and well-written.
  • Take Off the Pressure and Just Be Real: You’re giving the newlyweds a card because you care for them, and you’re happy for this big milestone. With that being said, take off the pressure and just express your love and joy for the happy couple.


I Don’t: What You Shouldn’t Do When Writing a Wedding Card

  • Misspelling Their Names: One of the first mistakes a couple will notice is if their names are spelt out wrong. When they see this, they’ll immediately think that the card feels clumsy and rushed. For this reason, make sure the couples name is spelt correctly!
  • Writing a Novel: You’re writing your message on a wedding card. With that being said, short and sweet is key to a sincere note. Although long messages are ideal, you can save them for a personal letter or email for next time — trust us; it will feel more heartfelt this way.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: When you make mistakes and cross out words, lines and even have accidental scribbles, it ruins the overall aesthetic and sincerity of the card. For that reason, it’s always better to draft your special note before finally writing your message down on the card.


The Bottom Line: Pour Your Heart Out Through a Short and Sweet Wedding Card Message

Wedding cards are one of the best mementoes any married couple would receive. And for that reason, you need to ensure that your card is up to par and is filled with the sincerest words and feelings.


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