Is your anniversary coming up soon? Do you still have no idea what to get your partner? The last thing you want to do is show up empty-handed. Special occasions like this require special attention to detail. One classic yet straightforward part of a fantastic anniversary gift is the Anniversary card, a small sentiment that complements any gift well. Make your anniversary card memorable by keeping these elements in mind.

It Shouldn’t Look Like it Came From a Gas Station

No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s disrespectful to your relationship to forget your special day. Getting something that looks like everything was thought of last-minute is insensitive. Put in a little bit of effort! Break out the special paper and glitter, or order a custom card online. It’s these small details that can make a massive difference in the impact of your gift.

Another way to make it unique is to involve your loved ones in it. You can have your common friends sign it and leave their messages too. This can show that you put a lot of thought and effort into the gesture by bothering your family and mutual friends to remind her how special your relationship is.


It Should Speak to Your Relationship

Your relationship with your partner is unique and different from others. So why settle for a generic card with a generic message? Make sure your card reflects the type of relationship that you’ve grown and nourished through the years.

If your relationship is filled with joy and laughter, find a card that will make them laugh. You want to give them something more sincere and express your love a little more romantically than usual, so go for a card that gives you butterflies in your stomach when you read it. And don’t be afraid to tweak it a little if you can’t find anything specific for you.


It Should Have an Incredibly Thoughtful Message

Here’s a special tip: the message is for your partner. Keep them in mind. If they don’t enjoy a slightly offensive joke or expect sincere statements, maybe you shouldn’t send them a card with that. But if they don’t take themselves too seriously, go ahead and pick out a funny anniversary card. Avoid the following generic messages:

  • “Happy Anniversary! May we have more years to come.”
  • “Here’s to us!”
  • “Another year of bliss.”
  • “Let’s have a great day ahead.”
  • “Best wishes.”

If it’s a greeting that you can very well use on a birthday card to an acquaintance, it’s not good enough for an anniversary message.



Anniversary cards are an underrated choice because they are incredibly simple to make or buy right off the shelf, but anniversary celebrations don’t need to be flashy to be appreciated. Simple messages that make your loved one smile can help make this special day all the more joyful. However, remember that cards are only meant to complement your gifts. Get a bouquet or make a reservation at a good restaurant just in case. If you think a card is way too simple for your partner, then your hunch is right.

Nobody wants to receive a crummy card for their anniversary present. To make it just a bit more special, you can spice up this year with a selection that shows off your sense of humour. Try giving your loved one one of the funny anniversary cards from You Said It. Our online card shop has a card for every type of comedy, from family-friendly jokes to cheeky messages that aren’t safe for work. Check out our anniversary cards now!