Establishing a rapport and having good interpersonal relationships with your business associates are extremely important. There are many ways to ensure good relationships with business colleagues. You can engage in team building activities away from the confines of your office. You can even invite them out to a nearby coffee house for a chat while you refuel on caffeine. You can even go as far as sending holidays cards during special holiday seasons.

Holiday cards are old school, but they are a wonderful way of showing a gesture of gratitude, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. They are not merely confined to individuals personally handing up cards to friends, colleagues, or even loved ones. They can also be given to business associates as friendly gestures, especially during the holiday season.

Holiday cards can be sweet and thoughtful, even in a professional way. With that being said, here are four tips for you to keep in mind when sending holiday cards out to business associates:


Prepare and Choose Quality Cards

The most important thing to do when sending holiday cards out to business associates is to prepare ahead of time. You can order a large number of holiday cards early. This way, you will have ample time to customise the design if you wish to do so. You can custom-print the names and hand-address the envelopes too. It’s always better to get a head start than to procrastinate and end up giving out generic holiday cards.

The quality of your holiday cards reflect your business and how much you pay attention to detail. Therefore, don’t settle for cheap-looking ones. Remember – a card reflects who you are. Cards show how much you care about your colleagues and clients. They imply how much you value them. Therefore, make an effort to give out quality cards as they translate to camaraderie and joy during the holiday season.


Make Sure the Cards aren’t Offensive

When coming up with holiday cards, make sure they aren’t offensive. Some cards may be too specific for the holidays. It’s usually preferable to send out a general greeting. Why? It’s simple. Some business colleagues may not celebrate the same event that you do due to a difference in beliefs. It’s important to be sensitive to other people’s religious beliefs and cultural differences.

Hence, choose business holiday cards that are secular, subdued, and tasteful. Save those cards expressing beliefs to your personal list. For instance, instead of greeting, “Merry Christmas,” it’s a lot better to get a card that says, “Happy Holidays!”


Custom-Print Names and Hand-address Envelopes

When you order ahead of time, it’s a good idea to instruct your supplier to customise your holiday cards. You may want to have your personal name and your business name printed on the card for a more professional look. Then, you can go ahead and sign your card with your handwriting for a more personal touch.

If you don’t have too many business associates on your list, consider hand-addressing the envelopes for your holiday cards. If you don’t have the time, seek help from friends, or family members. It’s worthy to note that in addressing your envelopes, use proper titles such as “Mr., “Ms.” or “Dr.” and ensure the recipients’ addresses are included. These will give your cards a more professional disposition.


Write Personal Messages

Finally, what better way to charm your business clients and colleagues than to write a personal message? You don’t have to write anything too lengthy. Just a few words with a lovely closing will do. These may contain statements of wonderful relationships or heartfelt holiday greetings or even relevant anecdotes between you and your associates.

Remember – you don’t want to have your holiday cards feel like an afterthought. Infusing a bit of personality will make your associates feel that you value them and that you mean well with what you say. Holiday cards can surely make a great deal of difference!

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