Pets are considered a valuable part of a family. They give us comfort and happiness, so they only deserve proper care and attention. However, no matter how much we want them to stay active and healthy, they still get sick at some point in their lives. When that happens, pet owners become anxious and depressed.

If you know someone with a sick pet, offer them some reassurance and support. One sweet way to do that is to write and send a get-well card for their pet.


Does It Matter?

You might be thinking about how a piece of note may change an owner’s mood. And how can a pet understand the message? Well, pets create a special bond with their owners. They can somehow feel what their owner feels.

When you write a get-well card for a pet, the owner will appreciate that you acknowledge what their pet is going through and sympathise with them. It can make the owner feel better, and with the hugs and cuddles they give their pet, the fur babies can also feel the well-wishes!


What to Include in Your Well-Wishes for a Pet

There are various ways on how you can write a heartwarming get-well card for a pet. You might be wondering what the best words to include are, but it will be easier if you will see the following examples:


For Pets in General

  • Pets make lives more colourful and fun. We hope your little fur baby gets better soon.
  • We are all praying for the fast and full recovery of your little buddy!
  • It’s sad to know that an adorable member of the family is not feeling well. Let us know how we can help.


For a Dog

  • Don’t be ashamed of feeling bad unless, of course, you’re going to wear a cone of shame.
  • “Bark, Bark, Arf, Arf!” What I Mean: Get well soon, buddy!
  • We hope that your four-legged best friend will be back in health.
  • Wishing you the best! Get well soon.
  • I hope you get back to chasing butterflies and squirrels in no time.


For a Cat

  • Cats are strong fighters! That’s the reason why you have claws, sharp teeth and awesome reflexes. Get well soon!
  • I’d love to hear again that happy “Meow!” Get well soon.
  • I pray that your cat doesn’t need to risk any of its nine lives to get better.
  • I hope your cat will recover soon so that our little felines will be playing together again.

As you can see in the examples, a get-well card can have a touching message or a bit of humour, as long as the genuine message to wish them well is there.


The Don’ts When Writing a Pet’s Get-Well Card

There are things that you should include in the message, especially if they will offend or hurt the owner’s feelings. Make sure to remember the following:

  • Do not compare the pet to your or to others’ pets. Avoid being insensitive to what you’re going to say.
  • Do not forget to focus on the importance of pets.
  • Do not mention the negative qualities of the pet. Or, do not bring up an instance when the pet has shown negative behaviour before.
  • Never, never suggest euthanising the pet.



Pets can make us happy and help reduce our stress. When they get sick, their owners also feel sad and worried. If one of your friends’ pets got sick, a thoughtful way to ease their worries is to send a touching get-well card for the pet. Make sure to keep your message short and sincere. Or, you can add a little bit of humour to lighten the mood!

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