Handmade Christmas cards are among the most personalised, heartfelt, and creative items that you could give somebody during this special season. Whether you are making cards to sell or to give to your family members and friends, don’t take for granted the space on the back of the card.

Here are some ideas for decorating the back of your handmade Christmas card and making it fit for the festive season!


Write the date

This might seem a little unnecessary in some cases, but when you give someone a sentimental gift, many appreciate a date put on it so that they can go back to look at it later on in the future and know when it was given to them. You can even go as far as adding a small description of your inspiration for the season’s greetings!


Include graphics credits or a stamp

If you are selling a card that involves any artwork done by an artist, it is common courtesy that you name them and include their credentials. If they have a business stamp, add that too. If it is your own artwork, don’t be afraid to promote yourself and your name there as well. The sleigh bells may be jingling, but that doesn’t mean that business shouldn’t be booming!


Record your own information, credentials, and details

If you have a website, an email, or any other contact information you wish to include, the back of the card can be a great place to put it. You should make it easy for the person to read as well as simple enough for them to know where they can find you online or how they can contact you.


Bring the front to the back

If the back of your card looks a little plain, consider integrating the design in the front into the back for consistency. An all-over design can incorporate a theme into your card, which will make the card look more beautiful when opened and read. Adding any design to the back of your card will allow your reader to fully show off the design when unfolding it. Those who are in front of them will get a great view! This idea is particularly wonderful for Christmassy scenes or even bedazzled trees!


Add a logo

If you have a logo, this is a great place to put it. Show it off on the back of your card, ensuring that it’s big enough to be seen yet not so big as to be obtrusive. Logos shouldn’t have to just be for business; you can create a rubber stamp all on your own, which will further emphasize the handmade nature of your greeting card. If your handmade holiday cards are for your beloved clients, this is non-negotiable!


Put in a short personal message

Put a special message on the back of your card. It can be a short verse, quote, or just a description of the inspiration that went into the card. You can even write a personalised poem or haiku! During the holidays, consider a heart-warming Christmas quote or even a verse of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’!


Sign it off

You should always sign off your cards, and the back of the card is the perfect place to do so. This will give off both a professional and personal touch to the card, adding value to your final festive product.


Promote a Limited Edition

If you are making a special design that might be limited in your store or wherever you are selling your cards, promote that on the back. Mention that it is limited edition or make a little design that says so. This too will demonstrate the handmade nature of the beautiful card.


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