It’s never an easy time for parents to depart with their child who will move away for studies, especially when they’ve been around the house for long. Sending them to college is a milestone both for their lives away from home and you as their parent. This bittersweet moment can leave you speechless in fumbling for the right words to say, which is why greeting cards can make for an excellent prelude to your goodbyes. Greeting cards are great for both saying goodbyes and catching up with them in their new school environment.

In this article, we will share several ideas on what you can write on your greeting card:


  1. Heartfelt and emotional messages

Moving to a new environment can be frightening to your child. For this reason, you need to encourage them about making the right choices and reminding them of how proud you are of them. Here are several ideas that you can use to begin your greeting card message:

  • “Don’t forget your manners and remember to keep us updated with school work. We’re already missing you even before we send this letter.”
  • “Congratulations on making it! Embrace your independence as learn from others who’ve come before you, and also with the ones who are walking alongside you.”
  • “No matter how far apart we are, we will always be your parents, and we are proud of who you’ve become.”
  • “If you need someone to talk to, we’re always just a call away. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or if you need to see familiar faces occasionally.”
  • “Studying is a huge investment for your future, and you’ve just made a huge step in the right direction. You’re now halfway to being an adult, and we’re proud of you.”


  1. Humorous and sarcastic messages

Sometimes, the best way to calm your child’s nerves is by cracking a few jokes and making light of the situation. Listed below are several humorous prompts that you can use in your greeting card notes:


  • “If you ever think that you’re not giving your best, please remember that it’s not cheap for us to pay for your education.”
  • “All of us here will miss you. Except for the cat, he’ll be living in your room now.”
  • I can’t believe there was so much space in the fridge all this time. Good thing you moved out.”
  • “Remember to call us if you’re ever in trouble, unless you’re in ‘that’ kind of trouble, then don’t bother calling.”
  • “Being independent can be challenging, but I know that we did our best to prepare you for the world out there. If ever you feel like you’re having a hard time, just know that we’re here to say: ‘We told you so.’”



Expressing a parent’s love isn’t always easy to say with words or actions. Whichever way you want to show your love to your child, a greeting card will help them know that you took the time and effort to make them laugh or smile. Even if you’re apart from each other, they will remember that they have fantastic parents that they can reach out to in sharing their experiences in their journey into adulthood.


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