For any British native, this time of year can only mean one thing above all else: It’s time to celebrate the Christmas holidays! If you were to ask anyone what their favourite time of year would be, they’d probably tell you about how much they love celebrating Christmas with all their heart.

Although England may be divided on some things like politics, football, cricket, and boxing, there’s no doubt that the magic of the 25th of December is something that all British people can agree on. In fact, you’re probably already excited about all the gifts that you’ll get to give, the food you’ll eat, and all the hot cocoa and eggnog you’ll drink!

While it may be safe to say that the holiday season is one of the most sensational parts of the year, there’s one tradition that you might not be looking forward to as much as everything else: Sending out Christmas cards.

This is especially true if you’re a small business owner with hundreds of contacts!


Here’s why you shouldn’t lose sight of the tradition

Sending out Christmas cards is often the bane of the holiday season for most small business owners because of how tedious the whole process is.

For the past few years, you’ve most likely thought about whether it’s worth following the tradition of handing out cards to hundreds of contacts and customers because of how boring and tiresome it can all get. However, it’s worth noting that sending out cards for the holidays isn’t just a useless tradition that comes off as a sunk cost, but it can be quite the opposite.

If you find yourself double-thinking the possibility of sending out cards this holiday season, here are two reasons that will convince you to keep the tradition up:

Reason #1: It helps convince your customers that they’re valuable to you

If there’s one thing that you want your customers, clients, and partners to feel when they look at or think about your business, it’s to make them feel special.

To you, Christmas cards with heartfelt messages are specially-crafted pieces of paper with a price tag on each of them, but things are different when you consider your customers’ perspectives. Sending out a handmade and extra special set of custom greeting cards from You Said It with your logo and branding, for instance, will help anyone see why you’re worth buying from or working with!

Reason #2: It helps act as a reminder to your customers

In the eyes of most business owners, sending out Christmas greeting cards can come off as a blessing because it acts as a gentle reminder to their customers about who they should buy from during the holidays.

Compared to other methods that are a bit too aggressive or pushy, sending out greeting cards to both your customers and clients will help put you at the back of their minds without rubbing them the wrong way. If you find yourself with the need to bump up sales rates by reaching out to clients you haven’t heard from in a while, then giving out well-crafted cards are the way to go!


As tiresome as following the year-round tradition of sending out Christmas cards to clients and customers may be, it’s a wonderful routine that will do your business better in the long run. We hope that you take this guide as a sign to jump right into the Christmas spirit and send out as many quality cards as you can this season!

Whether you need a funny congratulations card or offensive breakup card, we boast a wide range of different ways to greet someone you adore or appreciate on their special day. Visit our store to check out our many options and place your order today!