In an age where e-greetings, phone calls, and personal messages are the most common ways to greet people, one question is often raised: are greeting cards becoming a thing of the past? Although personal forms of communication and technologically driven methods are the most preferred way for a business to greet and interact with customers on special occasions, greeting cards are still very much relevant today.


Why greeting cards are still relevant

Contrary to popular belief, greeting cards are still an effective way to communicate with your customers while enhancing your brand or company’s value in their eyes. While viewing things on a screen is now the norm, customers actually appreciate the handcrafted feel of greeting cards coming from your company in the mail.

As simple reminders of your company, greeting cards can help keep your company and the products and services it provides on the forefront of customers’ minds whenever they need something that you offer.

In spite of the many ways that you can show customers how much you care about them, greeting cards still work best when trying to show one that you’re doing all that you can to maintain a long-term professional relationship with them. Some companies go all-out with their custom greeting cards during special occasions that might come about in their customers’ lives, but a simple quality greeting card can strengthen the bond that you have with your customers. This, in turn, results in repeat customers and increased referrals.


When should your company send out greeting cards?

There are two typical answers to this simple, yet important conundrum: one person might say that four times a year is perfect, while another might disagree, saying that once a year will suffice.

While these answers are backed by perfectly acceptable reasons, the best frequency to send greeting cards to your customers is actually twice a year as this will help keep your company seated comfortably at the front of your valued customer’s mind.

Typically, the best time to send your customers greeting cards is during their birthdays and other lesser-known holidays that are related to your company or brand. The reason why birthdays and lesser-known holidays work is that you’ll have to be competing with all the other greeting cards that your customer is getting. It’s best to stick with the periods that can make your card stand out.


Greeting cards are a social currency that often gets personal (in a good way!)

The greatest opportunity that comes with sending greeting cards is the chance to make a heartfelt gift even more personal with a few distinct touches. Certain additions, such as a handwritten message, address, and signature can make a huge difference in how a customer perceives your efforts and views your company.

Aside from personalization, you can use greeting cards to make your customers feel even more important by filling them in on more personal company changes. This will make them feel as if they’re part of your business family.

Unlike a leaflet or flyer, customers actually open the greeting cards that you send them, allowing you to get your message across while making them feel as special as they want to be. This is a tactic that works gracefully as a social currency. Compared to electronic greeting cards that lose a much-desired personal touch, actual greeting cards are a way to show your customer that you care through the time you took to craft and mail it to them.

The act of personalization in your greeting cards makes it a social currency that you can use to buy customer loyalty. What are you waiting for? Start saving in your bank account and cash everything out as soon as the right opportunity presents itself!

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