Most people believe that the digital age has made sending snail mail obsolete. However, there are many individuals and experts who beg to differ. This is due to the greeting card trend in 2020 that remains strong even if there are digital alternatives, like e-cards and email templates. Together, we will delve deeper into why the greeting card industry can singlehandedly increase demand for snail mail services.

This article will provide you with facts about greeting cards that will help you appreciate the power of thoughtful words. Take this as an opportunity to maintain your strong relationship with your friends and family even when they are far away.

Nostalgia and traditions are more vital than ever

Greeting cards are part of many family traditions, especially during the holidays as a means to bring good cheer and update valuable family members and friends about everyone’s whereabouts. You may even remember having family photos together that you send in with a greeting card. These kinds of nostalgic memories and traditions are still very much sought after today, and technology is a testament to it.

One key example that nostalgia is something still sought after by many is in the re-invention of old mobile phones. For instance, Motorola released the Razr, an updated version of the classic flip phones. Many people bought the new model, but some prefer the traditional one.

In the case of greeting cards, digital counterparts might be available, but they don’t provide the same authentic experience that you have come to love. There are also more refreshing kinds of traditional greeting cards to send out, like rude birthday cards with attention-grabbing curse words, so don’t be afraid to honour traditions and be nostalgic.


Social distancing but not socially distant

You may not feel the festive spirit during holidays because the pandemic has affected the way we gather. There may be protocols in your area, for instance, that restrict gatherings of more than ten people. You can imagine that many people like you may feel socially distant due to social distancing. However, social connection is needed now more than ever.

Unicef advocates that we should advocate for physical distancing instead of social distancing because we need to stay socially and emotionally connected now more than ever. However, you have to find safe ways to maintain your social connections. Fortunately, you can do so effectively with greeting cards.

For example, let’s say you have friends who are celebrating their anniversary. You may feel sorry for them because some restrictions and advisories make travelling a dangerous choice. Your friends may decide to stay home instead and celebrate with you through video calling.

You can show your affection by sending out greeting cards. You can send funny anniversary cards to add a bit of levity despite all the inconveniences. You can also insert some photographs just to help your friends remember the good times. Take it as an opportunity to stay socially connected and emotionally close with all your connections to look after each other’s socio-emotional needs.



Greeting cards are still effective ways of communication for many, and you also have the chance to keep this humble tradition alive. You just need to think outside the box and find unique greeting cards that can embody your thoughts and feelings. Get sentimental and use greeting cards today!

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