Many may think that greeting cards and handwritten letters are already outdated. After all, who still sends or receives a physical card and letter in their mailbox in this age of instant communication?

Today, it is much easier to send a happy birthday GIF on Messenger or post a greeting on someone’s wall on Facebook. However, there’s still some magic attached to getting a handmade greetings card or letter. Here are some reasons why they still matter today:


  1. It shows them how you care a little more

It’s always the thought that counts, yes, but as the digital age has taken over many things we do in life, writing a letter or creating a handmade greeting card is an extra effort for anyone. So, the receiver will love your card because it shows you care a little more to keep it personal. Even when your card will not make it on the day of the occasion, send it. It will be a pleasant surprise to the receiver.


  1. The receiver doesn’t have to respond quickly

In this age of social media and messenger, when someone sends you a message, it is almost a good manner to respond quickly. However, when someone is grieving, responding immediately can put additional stress to them. When you write your sympathies in a card, it gives them a chance to hear from you how much you care, but they don’t have to give you a quick response. Sometimes all they need to know is that you care for them and that you respect their need to be alone.


  1. It keeps the holiday spirit up

Remember when you are excited to check the mailbox during Thanksgiving or around New Year’s Day because your favourite relative is sending you a card or a letter? That is probably long gone because of how communication has evolved in the past years. So, if you want to create that same holiday spirit, sending a handmade card to a friend or family living far away is a great gift. It may be inexpensive, but it will warm their heart to hear from you, especially as you celebrate the holidays.


  1. There are many things to celebrate

Celebrate other people’s victories by sending them your blessings through a handmade card. There are many things to celebrate, such as a job promotion, a new baby, key academic achievements, and more. Sending your friends a handmade greeting card shows them that you are genuinely happy with the good things that are happening in their life.


To sum it up

Sending a handmade card or handwritten letter is one of the greatest things to show someone that you care for them. The receiver will be pleasantly surprised to hear from you this way. They know that you put extra effort and sincere thoughts in your card because not many people do it anymore.

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