Traditional greetings such as handwritten cards have become passe in the face of the big bright screen that dominates people’s daily horizons. It is so much easier to type a few words onto a friend’s social media wall to greet her a happy birthday. Furthermore, the ease with which we can communicate online encouraged an epidemic of shorter attention spans. The present average attention span is shockingly only eight seconds long, much shorter than the memory of a goldfish! Cards and letters have given way to cryptic tweets, texts, and wall posts that are much faster to read. But all of these does our brains a disservice as it makes it unable to exercise rigorously as it should.

Even as the fast-paced nature of life online communications has led to laziness offline, people can choose not to resign themselves to this superficiality that does them no good. While handwritten cards seem rare nowadays, they still exist, and you can opt for the wholesome communication experience that these cards will provide you and the person you are going to give it to.

Unplug from the virtual world, reconnect with the real

By 2021, 800 million more people are expected to use smartphones in addition to the existing three billion. The convenience that comes with using smartphones makes this projection unsurprising. However, too much dependence and attachment on these devices can make us lose touch with the real world, with its authentic and impromptu emotions. More than keeping our friends on social media, we should strengthen our stable relationships offline through authentic means.

Authentic and solid connections begin with a pen and the card, with no newsfeed to distract you. Being in the moment would help you focus on what you want to say. Concretely bring out your thoughts and feelings and blot them all onto that solid piece of card. For the moment, unplug yourself from the random world that is cyberspace as you let your ideas and aspirations flow with the ink. Strive to be real for once and make people appreciate the real you that you can never wholly express in the virtual world.

Make yourself and someone else happy

The maxim “it is better to give than to receive” can never be more valid when it comes to greeting cards. Although a person’s mood brightens up when he or she receives a ticket for their birthday, the person who writes and sends that card also has a more cheerful mood. Australian researchers had found out that people with trauma, stress, and emotional problems felt better when they wrote down their feelings. The same mechanisms that underlie this finding also work for those who write their thoughts in a card. You boost your sense of being while boosting another person’s as well.

Cursives on cards cultivate creativity

In addition to good moods, writing a card helps our brains in numerous ways you don’t even imagine. People don’t seem to think about the efforts that go with writing. But writing requires the mind to coordinate its visual, motor, and cognitive processes well to come up with consistent output. Writing compels us to slow down and digest our ideas and emotions as these go onto every letter and word we use to compose our card’s greetings. This will hone our creative juices. Creativity is an important aspect of our professional and personal lives that we have to continuously cultivate.

The more frequent we immerse ourselves in this sensory experience, the more we cultivate creativity in ourselves. In particular, cursive writing trains people to develop their own form and style of writing that is distinctly theirs and theirs alone. Your handwriting imparts a personality on the card that wall posts simply can’t do.

Connect with the people you care even without internet connections

People will appreciate the time and effort you pen down the card giving them ways to express your thoughts sincerely. Ironically, the perceived rarity of cards will make them feel more special that would have been if you merely typed your well wishes. To forego with the easy screens and keyboards at our fingertips proves to the recipient how you cherish your relationship with them. Handwritten words are the perfect way to tell the person you care about that even without internet connections, both of you will remain connected. Give them a handwritten card to capture those feelings. After all showing genuine care, concern, and affection will never be passed in 2019 and the years beyond.

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