In today’s digital era, a simple birthday card may seem unpopular and irrelevant. On the celebrant’s special day, you’ll choose to greet your friend, colleague, or loved one on social media instead. To make the day a little bit special, you may consider writing a lengthy post and publish it on the celebrant’s timeline.

Even so, did you know that a personalised birthday card can make a lot of difference? For all you know, this tangible item can stir the celebrant’s sense of touch, and such a heartfelt message can resonate with him or her. Even your time and effort invested on the card can speak of your genuineness and sincerity. That will make the celebrant truly touched and happy.

If you ever think about sending a personalised birthday card, here are four valuable reasons it pays to do so:

  1. It exudes a warm, heartfelt greeting

There’s a popular idea that the medium is the message—this applies to a physical birthday card as well. Why? A personalised card is said to be the epitome of a warm birthday greeting. It is all the more heartfelt when handwritten and handed up to your loved one. The effort and time you put into the card already send a positive message. Ultimately, the card itself can make a huge difference in warming the recipient’s heart.


  1. It shows you take time and effort

The celebrant may feel awed and elated upon looking at the personalised birthday card. She may be mesmerised by its exceptional charm and appeal, which isn’t the usual birthday card. However, beyond the visual appeal and physical beauty, they’ll appreciate your time and effort in coming up with a bespoke birthday card. That can make the celebrant’s big day even more special.


  1. It speaks of your genuineness and sincerity

A personalised birthday card takes a lot of time and effort. Who would want to do so for a person’s special day? You can simply grab a piece of card on a book shelve or post a birthday greeting on Facebook’s timeline, but no, you’ve gone the extra mile. So, what does this mean? It speaks of your genuineness and sincerity that will leave the recipient truly touched and loved.


  1. It makes your recipient remember you

When handing up a birthday card, you want the person to be happy so that she will remember you. What’s great about a personalised card is that it easily and quickly gets stuck on the celebrant’s mind. The next time they’ll celebrate their birthday, they’ll always remember you and how you made her feel on her special day.



A personalised birthday card still does matter—it remains as relevant as ever. Why? It has the undeniable power to exude a warm, heartfelt greeting, show that you take time and effort, show your genuineness and sincerity, and make your recipient remember you.

A physical greeting card is essentially the purest form of affection, appreciation, and effort that your special someone deserves to receive!

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