When you receive letters, cards, and even notes, you cannot help but feel happy about it. Of course, this will not always be true, especially if you get annoying spam ads or your disheartening monthly bills. However, did you know that when you are writing cards that you become happy yourself? Yes, writing a letter can help you reduce stress and feel better.

On top of that, the recipients of your mail will also feel better when they receive your letter. If you have never sent out a mail before, whether it is a birthday card or a thank you card, you should remember to write down the address properly.


Why should you address the envelope correctly?

If you want to avoid a headache, then be sure to address your mail the right way. However, if you still believe that messily scribbling the address away on it is fine, here are examples of the risks that you are unnecessarily putting yourself in.

First, a messy address can easily confuse a mail staff or even the postman. While they will still do their best to deliver the mail, the likelihood that it will end up in the wrong hands becomes high.

Second, even if your mail arrives at the right recipient, despite a poorly written address, you might fail what you want to achieve. For instance, if you are mailing to another business partner and they see unappealing the envelope is because of poor writing, they might develop a negative idea of who you are. As a result, they will immediately build an impression of you, and a messy address is not going to develop a positive one.

Third, if you want the mail to be sent as quickly as possible, a miswritten address will not help you. The mail staff will have to take more time to figure out exactly where the mail should go, meaning that you will experience a considerable delay. If they cannot do that, they will have to return the letter to you, which means that you also must include your return address properly.


How do I correctly write the address?

To make sure that the mail arrives at the right recipient’s hand and on time, here is what you need to do when addressing it.

First, always include the full name of the recipient, which will be on the first line. On the second line, write down the address or also their post office box number. Do not forget to shorten longer words like “street” into “ST.” Note that you should not include any description, such as “the house with the green roof” or anything else along those lines. Only include the address and leave it at that. For the third line, write the city, state, and zip code. If you are sending it to another country, then include the country on the line below the city, state, and zip code, and remember to abbreviate the state.

Keep in mind that the above should be written in the centre of your envelope. You should also include your return address, which will be written the same way, except that it will be located on the top left of the envelope.

Once you effectively accomplish these steps, you are ready to send your mail while resting assured that it will arrive on time and to the right person!



With a little bit of effort and time, not only will you get used to writing addresses the right way, but you will also be making good impressions. Furthermore, your mails will arrive quickly and without hassle, leaving you and the recipient with more time to relax rather than worry about whether the letter has reached or even arrived at the right person.

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