Grandfather, Grandad, Pops; they all have the same meaning but what you call your grandfather is such a personal thing to you and the special relationship you have. For many people, their grandad plays an invaluable role in their lives and the lives of their family. They offer unconditional love, support and guidance to help you navigate through life’s ups and downs and the journeys you take. They teach you about values and offer words of wisdom that leave a heart-shaped mark on your future. 

A grandfather is someone who will sit with you for hours and just listen; giving you endless volumes of reassurance when you need it the most. As well as that listening ear; when they tell a story or pass on a family tradition; they are like gold dust, something to hold on to and treasure for years to come. Keep reading to explore why it’s a great idea to send your grandfather a Father’s Day card and how it will make their day. 

Celebrate all Father Figures

While Father’s Day is about fathers and appreciating them, there are lots of different types of father figures. Someone who offers guidance, strength and love, and has spent hours playing with you as a child, helping you complete homework or watching you in school plays is a father. The time they have spent listening unconditionally to your trials and tribulations and teaching you life skills and lessons that you will take with you are invaluable.  

So why not celebrate grandfathers too? For some people, their grandfathers are the main father figures in their lives and they play a key role in their upbringing. If this is the case; or perhaps you visit your grandfather every week or maybe they even live next door, whatever your reality is; they need to be celebrated too, so why not send them a Father’s Day card?  

Appreciating All They Do 

Sending your grandad a Father’s Day card is a thoughtful way to acknowledge and show your appreciation for everything they’ve done for you. It also shows how much you think of him and what an important part of your life he is. At You Said It, we have a range of cards for you to choose from including funny, rude, cheeky, and inspirational Father’s Day cards. 

You might already know that you want to send a traditional card with a heartfelt message inside; or knowing your grandfather he would much prefer a cheeky or even rude card. Either option, choosing a card, writing a personal note, and sending it to him in the post; is all a gesture that shows your love and appreciation for the role he has in your life. 

Everyone Likes to Be Told They Are Loved

Telling your grandfather you love and appreciate him is such a lovely thing to do. It is so simple, yet something people often forget to do, and you know it’s guaranteed to make him smile. The bond you have is priceless, but this will no doubt strengthen it even more and create an even tighter relationship between you both. Your grandfather will want to spend even more time with you; love you even more, listen for longer and teach you more than he ever has.

Welcome to You Said It

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