Christmas cards are sent to family members, friends, and neighbours to wish them well during the holiday season. It’s been a long-standing history of connecting with loved ones far and wide.

Due to individuals sending holiday cards, the postal service sees a rise in the mail throughout the weeks running up to Christmas. However, due to the growing trend of social media and online e-cards, the increase is not as dramatic as in previous years. Still, Christmas cards are kept on hand by greeting card firms, bookstores, and most supermarkets for the people who still buy them.

Do you go out of your way to buy and send Christmas cards? Do you download one and distribute it for free via your social media accounts? Although it is a question of personal preference, many individuals do not buy as many Christmas cards as they did in previous years.

Have you ever wondered why some continue to buy and send physical cards while others do not?


Why Aren’t Many People Sending Christmas Cards This Year?

There are many reasons why some people have stopped sending Christmas cards in the mail. Instead, they send digital greeting cards.


Why Do Some People Continue to Send Holiday Cards?

Even though social media is to blame for the decline in the number of individuals sending Christmas cards through the mail, some people continue to send handwritten cards. This is why:


  • Putting Christmas cards in an addressed envelope makes the message feel more personal.
  • It demonstrates that the sender put in effort rather than simply clicking a button online.
  • Cards are used to decorate the home.
  • Getting a stack of cards in the mail is more satisfying than getting digital cards in your email.
  • It demonstrates that a person chose the best card to send rather than relying on a computer.
  • Christmas cards can be held in one’s palm and read again.
  • Some people collect their greeting cards and display them in the foyer or string them around the room with twine for décor.
  • Some folks keep the cards as bookmarks to use throughout the year.
  • Others keep the most beautiful cards year after year to cut and use as gift tags the following Christmas.


Send the Appropriate Card

The trick to picking the appropriate card is remembering who you’re sending it to and what message you want to convey. You’re not going to send your grandmother the same funny cards you will give your little niece or nephew.

Musical cards, talking cards, or even comically offensive Christmas cards could appeal to the younger generation. A more classic style with a handwritten message inside can appeal to grandmothers.

Consider the Christmas cards you send, whether you mail them or send them via social media. There are several topics from which to pick. You can buy Christmas cards with religious themes, winter scenery, or seasonal icons like snowmen, reindeer, candles, Christmas trees, and brilliant lights. If you can’t spend the holidays with your loved ones, sending a thoughtful card is the next best thing.



Whether it’s funny Christmas cards or a present, you should buy for others what you think would touch their hearts and leave a memorable experience. Personalised gifts such as funny cards are among the best Christmas gifts you could give to share joy among your loved ones.

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