You’ve spent over 20 minutes in the gift shop looking at cards and trying to figure out which one you should get. You know the person that you want to give the card to, and you’ve spent a lot of time walking up and down the aisles, looking for something to match your friend’s personality.

If you are at a loss at what to write in the greeting card for your friend, read this guide! After reading, you will hopefully know exactly what to write to make your friend’s day!


Writing a Birthday Greeting with a Personal Message


1 – Include an inside joke


You only want to appropriate to include this if you are very close friends. If you are close friends with somebody, you should already know their personality and what they find funny. If you could use the inside joke to make the card more personal, you should include it.


2 – Make them laugh


If you are the funny friend of the group, you should have no problem coming up with something funny to write on the card. If you aren’t the funny one, then you can just take the opportunity to tell them that they make you laugh.


3 – Compliment their personality


Tell them that you appreciate their personality and that you appreciate the time you spend with them. Tell them that they brighten up your day whenever they are around.


4 – Include something they like


If you know that your friend likes playing golf, you should be able to include something about golf in the card. This can be pictures or other visual aid.


5 – Remember old times


If you have shared memories, you should take this opportunity to remind your friend of them. Leave them a smile on their face as they remember times from their past.


6 – Be nostalgic


If you want, you can write a card that is more sentimental. You don’t have to be sentimental, but if you want to, you can write a card that is nostalgic. If you want to be more sentimental, you should write a card that brings up memories or something that your friend may have done in the past.


7 – Before you write the card, think about their personality


If you know what their personality is like, you can include something about them in the card. If you know that they like reading, include a book. If you know that they like soccer, include pictures of them playing soccer.



There are a lot of ways that you can write a birthday card for your friends. If you are stuck and you want to do something to make the card personal, you should take the time to think about what they enjoy and what they like. This is an easy way to make their day a little more special.

Spend some time thinking about what they like, what they do, and what they enjoy. By thinking about these things, you will be able to write the perfect birthday card!

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