The age of emails and instant messaging has allowed people to be more connected, and yet ever so distant. Nothing quite compares to the notion of receiving a handwritten letter, especially from friends and family. There’s a specific warmth and connection that cannot be replicated digitally, especially since you’re well aware that they took the time to write and think about their message, copied onto a carefully selected card.

Handwritten messages are more special as thank you cards, and these can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Sending one allows you to express gratitude, allowing them to keep a physical copy of what they mean to you, and how their actions have affected you most positively.

Thank you cards, however, need to be well thought out. Messages depend on specific situations, and should go beyond just sending a card. You need to craft thoughtful lines from the heart, but this can be rather tricky.

To help you come up with heartfelt messages, we’ve curated this simple guide for you. Learn how to express thanks in the situations discussed below:


Situation #1: You’ve received a gift

A thank you card is most necessary after receiving a gift. They come in handy during birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and the holidays. These milestones are the time when someone puts time, effort, and resources into sending out a gift. They’ve likely spent quite a bit of time pondering on what to get you, so it’s only right that you send back a thank you card.

Your card must express a word of thanks, but should go beyond just that. Make sure to mention what you’ve received, and how you currently enjoy the item—whether it’s for wearing, eating, or reading! Your friends and family will appreciate you enjoying something they’ve picked out.


Here are some messages to try out:

  • Thank you so much for the gift basket and flowers—I’ve dug through the entire box of chocolates already! It certainly made my day.
  • The holidays come in the spirit of gift and giving, and we feel incredibly blessed to have been remembered. Thank you for making my family feel special.


Situation #2: You’ve enjoyed and experienced someone’s hospitality

Gifts are one thing, but it’s also highly important to thank someone for their hospitality. You can thank a friend or family member for allowing you to stay at their home for a weekend visit, as well as for hosting a gathering. Even a simple afternoon spent with friends can warrant a thank you card, as it expresses gratitude and joy at having some company.


Consider the following messages for your thank you card:

  • Thank you for allowing us to stay at your lovely home. Your cooking is amazing, and your children are absolute angels. We look forward to meeting you again soon, and you’re very much welcome to stay at ours.
  • Thank you so much for extending an invitation for dinner. We had a lovely time exchanging stories—time flies by so quickly indeed! Looking forward to seeing you again!


Express Your Gratitude In The Best Possible Way 

Writing a thank you card may not seem like a grand gesture, and perhaps it seems like an outdated custom that’s no longer necessary. Receiving a thank you note can be incredibly rewarding, however, especially since you get to have a physical embodiment of someone’s gratitude. It’s something technology can never do, so the next time you want to express gratitude, a thank you card should be in order.


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