One of the best parts of pregnancy is the baby shower. There’s nothing more fun than having a party that places you and your baby at the centre of attention, and everyone in attendance has to shower you with gifts.

Once the baby shower is over, you will need to hunker down and take the time to send thank you cards to the hostess, organisers, and attendees. It’s only the polite thing to do, after all!

Besides, the people present at your baby shower will be your village once you give birth. They’ll be helping you out whenever you need a listening ear, some sound advice, or a home-cooked meal on days you get little to no sleep because of your newborn. A lovely thank you card will further cement your bond and express how much you treasure them.


When to Send the Thank You Cards

We’re not saying you need to sit down to write thank you cards even as the party paraphernalia are still scattered all around your home—but the earlier you start, the better! There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to sending out thank you cards, but you’re going to have no time left at all once your baby is born!

One thing you can do is to prepare your materials in advance. In the weeks before your baby shower, start buying your greeting cards, envelopes, and stamps. If you don’t have exact attendance numbers, it’s better to buy cards in bulk. After all, you’ll be inundated with baby gifts soon enough.

In fact, as friends and family members send in gifts even before your baby shower, make a spreadsheet of what you receive and from whom. Being organised will help streamline the process of when you have to sit down and write your thank-you notes.


What to Include in the Thank You Cards

If you have dozens of cards to write, worry not. With this guide, not even your pregnancy brain will get in the way of churning out all the notes you need to send. Don’t be afraid to be brief, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be too funny or witty. Your recipient will not fret over how many words you use to express your heartfelt sentiments.

Here are some of the things you should include in your post-baby shower thank you cards:


A personalised greeting – It’s always best to include the recipient’s name or nickname for a personal touch.


Specific gratitude – Consult your spreadsheet and express specific gratitude for what every particular person gave you. You can take this further by telling them how you plan on using their gift. This will help make your recipient feel that they are a part of your family’s life!


An invitation – Talk about the recipient’s future relationship with your baby, or say that you’re excited for their next visit to see the baby.


Appropriate closing – “Love” or “Sincerely” are simple ways to end your note.



After the fun and laughter of a baby shower, it’s time to express your gratitude for your guests’ generosity by sending off thank you cards. This is a great way to maintain connections with your tribe and make those close to you feel like they’re a genuine part of your family. Simple touches like noting their specific gift and inviting them back to see the baby will go a long way in cementing lifelong bonds.

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