Mums from all walks of life deserve to be celebrated, especially on Mother’s Day. They need to be told that they matter deeply in bringing new humans into the world and being headstrong career women and noble models of society. You may also appreciate them for making the smallest gestures of love, like a good night’s kiss or even a slap on the face for being lazy. Whatever the reason, you need to give them the best cards you can get. To do this, use this article as your guide.

Whom Should I Give My Mother’s Day Cards To?

Of course, it’s already a given that your mum deserves a greeting card from you during this special occasion. However, other people should also receive your words of appreciation, no matter how simple they may be. You may even make the whole ordeal of motherhood even slightly better by showing your genuine support in your most unique way. Thus, consider giving cards to your motherly figures:

  • Your grandmum
  • Your wife or girlfriend (especially if they are soon-to-be mothers)
  • Your friends with children
  • Your teachers that you consider your mother figure at the office
  • Your dad (especially if they are raising you by yourself, and because gender norms don’t matter!)
  • Your pet or other pets with their own newborn babies
  • Other individuals whom you confide in and deserve to be told they are loved as mother-like figures

What Are the Types of Mother’s Day Cards I Can Give?

Not every mum is the same, and you may also have a particular way of showing affection to them. Since you may want to give cards to other mothers, you also need to consider your own relationship with them. Refer to the list of options for your guidance:


  1. Funny Mother’s Day cards

If you aren’t the type of person who likes to be overly dramatic or flowery with your language, then you may be a bit of a jokester with mothers. Funny cards should be your go-to gift, especially if you like to make people laugh or have a typically chill relationship with people. Just ensure that your jokes won’t be taken the wrong way!


  1. Emotional Mother’s Day cards

You may call yourself a bit of a tender soul or hopeless romantic when you show your thoughtful gestures to others. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to put this in writing through heartfelt cards that can make anyone cry. If that’s something you see yourself doing, then don’t hesitate to spend time buying the right greeting cards and spending countless hours writing down every emotional detail you want!


  1. Offensive Mother’s Day cards

Let’s face it: not all mothers are suckers for grand gestures of appreciation. They may simply like to get something just because they want it, especially on a special occasion like Mother’s Day. Additionally, you may also have a love-hate relationship with them and want to take it to the next level. If that’s the case, then curse up a storm by writing vengeful words and send them out. Just make certain they go to the right person, or other mothers may be hurt by your hate-mail!



Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year because of its sentimental value for many individuals from various backgrounds. Your greeting card plans should be ready to put your best efforts into well-deserving mothers and motherly figures. As such, pick the right cards, gifts, and words today!

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