There are many ways you can show condolences to a friend or family member who has lost a loved one. However, your way of showing sympathy may turn out differently than what you intended to show. One safe way you can show sympathy is by sending out a card. While this gesture might seem small, it can show the other person that you truly care.

Finding the right sympathy card is one thing, but knowing what to write is another. When writing a sympathy card, it is crucial to be careful with your choice of words. To help you out, here are three ways you can write a well-meaning sympathy card:

In today’s digital era, a simple birthday card may seem unpopular and irrelevant. On the celebrant’s special day, you’ll choose to greet your friend, colleague, or loved one on social media instead. To make the day a little bit special, you may consider writing a lengthy post and publish it on the celebrant’s timeline.

Even so, did you know that a personalised birthday card can make a lot of difference? For all you know, this tangible item can stir the celebrant’s sense of touch, and such a heartfelt message can resonate with him or her. Even your time and effort invested on the card can speak of your genuineness and sincerity. That will make the celebrant truly touched and happy.

If you ever think about sending a personalised birthday card, here are four valuable reasons it pays to do so:

There are thousands of words to say and a hundred ways to say it but it can be tricky to know exactly what to write in a greeting card, let alone make it funny and memorable. They say that one way to make your greeting cards memorable is to make them personal. To that we say, what better way to make your cards personal than to add some light hearted insults and inside jokes?

Here are three ways that rude and funny greeting cards are just better ways of showing affection:

These days, there are greeting cards for every event and every flavour. And while the digital age has done much to connect people across great distances, it has made quite a number of our interactions a tad impersonal.

There is now nothing special about greeting someone on their birthday, for example, especially since these details are normally plastered all over Facebook. Sending an email or a private message to someone congratulating them on their new baby, for example, is likely to get lost in your chat.

Relationships have always been the cornerstone of human interaction in more ways than one. They help improve necessary qualities, encourage growth in people, and make it much easier to go through life’s ups and downs. If you’ve found someone you can rely on, then chances are you probably know the ropes of being in a relationship. However, as relationships grow longer and become more tight-knit, there’s one challenge in particular that most couples often face: How can I spice up my anniversary celebrations?

In today’s evolving world, most people prefer short and instantaneous messages. Since nearly all communication happens online or through mobile phones, many would rather type out a quick birthday message on their friend or family member’s Facebook wall, or send them a virtual greeting card through SMS or their email. After all, this appears convenient for both the sender and recipient. Greeting people on their birthday, though, involved more steps in the past.

Got a lot of old greeting cards lying around? Instead of tossing them in the trash, why not hold onto the memories and give the old cards a refresh with a new purpose.

Before you put your cards into the shredder, get creative. This is the perfect chance to flex your arts and crafts skills! Our ideas will help you make the most out of those cards and at the same time, save more money in return. Give these seven recycling ideas a try:

You don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to show your thankfulness and appreciation to those around you. In fact, every day is a good day to express feelings of praise and find things to be grateful for! This habit of thankfulness not only helps you improve your relationships but also gives you various health benefits, such as restful nights and more energy during the day.

One good way to keep exercising gratitude is to send thank you cards to your family, friends, and even random people who have shown you any kind gesture. What’s even better is that sending cards do not cost much or take your time, yet they can leave significant effects on your health and wellbeing.

Because the user base on Facebook is vast, it’s become a tradition to type a quick birthday message to those who pop up in your birthday notifications. Sending digital cards is also another popular option, but these two lack a significant ingredient: Personal touch.

How do you show a loved one or a special friend that you remember them on their special day? Send them a real birthday card! It lets them know that you are genuinely thinking of them and that they’re a special person for you.

If you want to try something new this year, follow the following three steps to find the best birthday card for your family or close friend:

Many individuals across all generations are returning to being more personal or thoughtful with what they say; this includes the return of sending out greeting cards. Although “snail mail” has been considered outdated compared to modern-day communication like social media and video chatting, greeting cards have begun to challenge what it means to truly connect with people in the age of instant communication.

As a means to innovate, greeting cards have also deviated from the traditional format that we may have known before, like those traditional Christmas cards with family pictures. For instance, there are now more cheeky birthday cards or thank you cards with a well-meaning message just after a curse word in bold font. This is because younger generations have discovered why sending out letters is a great way to leave beaming smiles and a good laugh among their peers.