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Boyfriend Christmas Card:

We have a large assortment of traditional and downright funny Christmas cards for your BAE. Whether he is a new catch or an old hat who just hasn’t put a ring on it yet, you can be sure that we have a perfect funny Christmas card for him. Perhaps you want to tell him to tie you up with Christmas lights or to dress like a sexy Santa on Christmas Eve; we have you covered. 

Or maybe you prefer a more sentimental card for your sexy boyfriend at Christmas. We have those as well. We offer a vast assortment of funny and rude Christmas cards that range from hilariously obscene to tame enough to show even the most stringent Mom and Dad. Win extra brownie points with his family for your choice in loving and sentimental wife material cards. 

And then in private, win him over with a funny and rude Christmas card to make sure he remembers exactly why he is with you. If he winds up being your Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, we can make sure that over the Christmas season, at least, he knows how much he means to you.