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Januhairy Cards

Is there a special lady in your life who’s giving shaving, waxing, tweezing, lasering and epilating a miss this January? (We can’t blame them, it sounds like hard work). Maybe Januhairy is an annual tradition after the stresses of the festive season? Or perhaps Nessa’s Januhairy reference in the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special has got her longing for a more natural look?

Januhairy encourages women to go au natural and embrace their body hair for the month of January. If you’ve got a girlfriend, fiancé, wife or friend who’s taking part why not treat them to a funny Januhairy card to mark the occasion?

Choose our “At the End of the Day, When All’s Said and Done, It’s Januhairy” card, cheer her on with our “Happy Januhairy to My Favourite Lady Garden” card or tell her what you think with our “Are You Doing Januhary? That’s Lush That is” card. Maybe she’s got a birthday in January? Tie Januhairy in with her birthday wishes with our “OMG… I Didn’t Realise You Were Doing Januhairy Sorry I Mean Happy Birthday” card or if you’ve had enough, our “Happy Birthday! Please Can You Stop Doing Januhairy?” card is the one to pick.