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Wife Christmas Card:

Wives are our rock in life, our reason for living, and sometimes our excuse for raising our hands in the air and shouting to the heavens above in frustration. No matter what sort of relationship you have, we know how much your wife means to you. Love, cherish, and honour thy wife. And send funny, yet touchingly hilarious cards at Christmas. 

We have a large assortment of Christmas cards for every relationship. Whether you’re a traditional giver or you prefer something sarcastic and filled with swear words, we have got you covered. Want her to kiss you under the mistletoe? Tell her in a card. Love her but love her soul as much as her body? Tell her that too while wishing her a Merry Christmas as well. We have a card for everyone, whether it’s touching and sentimental or hilarious and filled with a wit that only you and your wifey can appreciate. 

Besides offensive and rude wife Christmas cards, we also have more traditional cards, so there is no reason why you must hide your wife’s Christmas card from the in-laws. Let them know how loving and proper you are with a sentimental card to their little princess. And then later in bed, wham! Hit her with one of our rude and hilarious wife Christmas cards to remind her of the real reason she married you.