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Pregnancy & New Baby Cards

The best parts of being married include the company of your loved one and the birth of your children whom you’ll get to see grow as you age. This second phase where couples realise they are now going to be responsible for bringing a life into this world is the happiest day of their lives. 

And being someone who is close to such a couple, you need to get them something special to celebrate their special occasion. Our witty pregnancy & new baby cards will be the perfect thing to give because of the personal touch they add to your wishes. 


Be a Part of their Joy with our Funny Pregnancy & New Baby Cards:

One of the biggest milestones in life is when people get to know they will be parents soon. This is when a new phase of their life begins, and that’s why the friends and family members of soon-to-be mom and dad should be a part of their happiness.

The best way to let them know how happy you are for them is by giving them some funny and rude pregnancy & new baby cards. You can all share a laugh or two reading the funny tag lines on our laughable pregnancy & new baby cards and just be there together on this special occasion.


Tell Him Using Our Humorous Pregnancy & New Baby Cards:

If you have found out that you are pregnant and want to share the joy with your husband, the best way to do so is give him a card. The announcement of your pregnancy written in an amusing way will definitely catch him off guard, and you’ll get to enjoy the puzzled+happy look on his face.

You can give him one of our best and most hilarious pregnancy & new baby cards saying “Congratulations, your genitals work” or the one that says “At least we know, you’re not firing blanks, I mean congratulations”. We have tons of such offensive pregnancy & new baby cards that will give you both a good laugh.


Get Something Unique To Give on Baby Shower:

If you are going to the baby shower of your friend, giving her a gift is just not enough because everyone does that which has made it kind of a normal thing to do. So to make your gift unique and memorable, you need just one magic ingredient; our cheeky pregnancy & new baby cards.

You can even have something custom written in the card for just £0.50 extra. Plus, if you order our 5-card bundle, you will get a discounted price of just £9.99.