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Family Christmas Card

Sometimes the only way that we can wish our extended families a Merry Christmas is to send a card. Whether they are very far from you or right around the corner, we have a card for you. Why not send Great Aunt Hilda a card that reminds her that you love her? Or maybe she prefers a sarcastic quip from her favourite family member. 

Maybe you and the extended fam-jam aren’t that close. Remind them that you and your delightful personality exist with a fun and quirky ‘remember me?’ style card. Whatever your family situation is, whether there are 10 or 100 of you, we have a card for all of them. Our Christmas cards range from sappy and heartfelt to rude and funny. Be as unique as you would like to be. 

We dare you, be your authentic self and send a card that reflects the true dynamic of you and your loved ones. Maybe Auntie May is the sort that runs around calling everyone wankers after a few cocktails, but Uncle Tom doesn’t have a humorous bone in his body. That’s okay. We have a card for that. Never again will you be worrying about your Christmas cards not being as original as you and your family are.