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Parents Christmas Card:

Love your parents? Love showing them how amazing they are and how grateful you are that they changed your shitty diapers? Remember, these are the people that taught you to use a toilet. And for that fact alone, they deserve nothing but the best. We have a wide assortment of funny or rude Christmas cards for parents of all shapes and sizes. 

From the overly sentimental mushy variety to the downright offensive, we have a card for that. Your family isn’t boring, so why do your Christmas cards need to be? They don’t. We have a relatable card for every type of parent that will show them how much you truly care. Nothing says Christmas like a card reminding them that you could’ve gone to the drain that night. So, go ahead, indulge, get them each a card reminding them of their sacrifices and challenges of raising you, the apple of their eye. 

After all, they remember the nights before you were born when they could be in bed all night without the piercing cry of new born raising hell at 3 am. What better way to thank them for giving all that up to raise you than with a funny Christmas card? It’s not like they have to change your diaper now, but you did steal the best years of their life.