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Wedding & Engagement Cards

When your friend or a family member is about to tie the knot, you need to be there with them physically as well as emotionally. And being emotionally present means doing something thoughtful to let them know you are genuinely happy for them.

Our laughable wedding & engagement cards will help you with that. Besides the clever punch lines we have printed, you can have something custom written inside the card as well to make it more personal and give your sincere wishes to the lucky couple.


Wish Them in an Amusing Way:

Seeing your friend or a family member getting married is one of the happiest moments for you as well because your loved one is finally tying the knot and venturing into the next phase of their life. But when it comes to wishing them, a simple congrats or a hug won’t suffice on this BIG day.

You need to up your game and give something that creates a beautiful memory. Our humorous wedding & engagement cards will help you with that. They are funny as hell, which means with just a piece of card, you can not only wish them in a unique way but get a few chuckles out of them as well.


Giving Offensive Wedding & Engagement Cards Sometimes Shows You Care:

Loving, your friend or a family member doesn’t mean you always have to chant lovely things to them. If you share a special bond, being offensive can also show that you care about them, plus, it’s hilarious.

You can use one of our rude wedding & engagement cards saying “You’re getting married and I’m getting pissed” which is a cheeky way of saying you have my blessings but don’t change after marriage.

Or, you can just give one of our straight hilarious wedding & engagement cards to your mate saying “Congratulations to you and your bride, how much did you buy her for?” It’s enough to make him laugh.


Our Funny Wedding & Engagement Cards Make Things Specials:

In the past, you could just throw in a gift in a nice wrapping and hand it to the couple. But now you need to put some thought into the gift and make it memorable so that they know you care enough to make some effort.

Our witty engagement & wedding cards make your gift stand out. The first gift from you before the actual wrapped item will be good laughter they will have after reading your card.

You can order a bundle of 5-cards to use on different occasions in future and get a discounted price of just £9.99. Read our FAQs to know more about ordering and refund policies.