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From the Dog Christmas Card:

Your dog is your best friend, loving companion, and caring housemate. He is a loving companion who deserves to give nothing but the best, even if he licks his own nuts in public. It is no wonder that we want to share our best pal’s love and best wishes with everyone in our circle. We have a large assortment of funny Christmas cards from the dog that will make any animal lover wonder how he managed to send such a spot-on sentiment. 

Make sure that your partner knows how much your dog adores watching him or her sex you up night after night by giving a touching card from him. Or let your family know that even if you forgot to get them a card, your buddy still cares by sending a funny card from him. It’s the least that you can do for having such a loyal furry companion. 

Whether you want to send a rude Christmas card from the dog or a funny Christmas card, we can guarantee the dog will steal the show this holiday, and it won’t just be because he decides to lick his privates beside the Christmas tree.