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Cheeky Love & Anniversary Cards

Do you like to tease your partner every now and then with harmless jokes and pranks? Maybe you express your love this way? Well, why not shower her/him with a full bucket of love with our cheeky anniversary cards? If the big day is right around the corner, don’t let it pass by with a typical ‘Happy Anniversary.’ Go big and then go home for dessert. Using our cheeky love cards, you can show your significant other that you are never out of ways to express your feelings for them. You can keep coming up with innovative ideas to pull their leg while showing how much you care for them.

The best part of getting our cheeky anniversary cards is that they are unique in the whole world. The clever tag lines written on those cards are the proprietary to You Said It. Our team did several brainstorm sessions to come up with something that is funny but, at the same time, says I LOVE YOU without even mentioning it.

So go ahead, get a card you like the most, and give it to your better half. And if you shop for just £20 or more, we will handle the shipping fee as well.