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Funny & Rude Congratulations Cards

Sometimes, letting your family and friends know that they have done a good job shows you appreciate them and recognise their efforts and achievements.

However, taking a different approach than the traditional ‘congrats’ and making it a bit funny can create a good memory.

Using humorous congratulations cards with funny remarks, you can do both; recognise their achievement and make them laugh at the same time.


Compliment with Some Wittiness:

Recognising someone for going above and beyond and achieving a goal or milestone always adds to their happiness. If you are someone who likes to value and appreciate the achievements of people close to you, you need to give them a card.

A card lets them know that you care enough to get them something tangible when you could’ve sent them a congratulatory text.

And if you want to make them smile or even laugh while reading your card, you can always explore our collection of witty congratulations cards. Nothing says job well done than a good old amusing remark attached to it.


Sometimes Being Offensive Shows More Love:

Do you know who has the right to disrespect you the most and then laugh with you? Your friends! This is how they show their love and care for you. So why not you do something similar? If one of your friends has achieved a goal, send our rude congratulations cards to show you them you love them.

From the most cheeky congratulating cards for a new job like “Congratulations on the new job….I hope you fu**ing hate it” to laughable congratulating cards on making it to university like “Enjoy University….See you soon when your money runs out” we have a massive collection of cards to make your loved ones have a few chuckles reading them.


Choose Our Funny Congratulations Cards to

If more than one of your friends are about to reach a milestone such as getting married, moving into a new house, or having a baby, you can plan ahead and get our 5-card bundle for just £9.99.

And if you get two bundles or spend £20 or more, we’ll bear the shipping cost to contribute to your happiness for your friends.

Besides the hilarious congratulations cards, we also have funny congratulations mugs that you might want to send your loved ones as a gift to celebrate their achievements.