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Friends Christmas Card:

We all have that one friend. The fabulous, glittery friend that no ordinary card will be good enough for. Well, good thing you came here instead of heading off to that traditional card store. We have a large assortment of funny and rude Christmas cards for that one friend that can always take a joke. Let them know how you feel with one of our highly sarcastic and hysterical funny Christmas cards.  

Maybe you’ve always wanted to tell them something but have never had the courage. Whether your message is I love you or Merry Christmas you sexy wanker, it is easier to say in a card. Our friends come in all forms, shapes and sizes, so why shouldn’t your Christmas cards? We have a large enough assortment that you can buy for all your friends from the straight and narrow to the loud and opinionated. 

This is not a one size fits all shop for Christmas cards. We know you have about a million inside jokes with your friends, so send a funny Christmas card and make a new one. Go ahead and be the friend. All the other friends will envy and give a card that is as rude and funny as they are.