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July Birthday Cards

People tend to stay indoors in July as it is one of the hottest months of the year. However, you don’t have to keep your feelings tucked inside your heart. If your friend or family member’s birthday is coming up, wish them with all of your heart and tell them that you love and support them. Our Funny born in July birthday cards will make things even more special as you can give them the greatest gift of all; the gift of laughter! You can explore our massive range of cards and get the one they’ll find the most amusing as well as touching. 

Furthermore, if there is something that you want to say to them in a special way, have it written inside the card and have some heart to heart with them on their special day. The funny tagline on the front will not let things get too emotional; it’ll be a perfect balance of humour and warmth.

There is an incredible sale going on at our store where you can get 5 cards of your choice for just £9.99. Plus, if you shop for £20, we will handle the shipping fee, so break that Add to Cart button now!