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Funny Leaving Cards

Don’t you just hate it when someone changes the work dynamic and does a really selfish things like leaving for a new job? If you have a person like this in your life I’m sure you’ll be thinking of getting them a card? Well, we can help! We have a large range of funny leaving cards, rude leaving cards and for that really annoying colleague, an offensive leaving card.

Here at You Said It Cards we have plenty of rude leaving cards to choose from, some of our favourites and best sellers are – “You’re Leaving! Good Riddance You Cunt”, “Congratulations on getting out of this (shit) hole” and, everyone has someone in mind to send this one to, “I can’t believe you’re leaving you bitch… I mean Congratulations!”.

Wait till you see your colleagues’ faces when you ask them to sign a rude leaving card with the word “cunt” on the front of it, just make sure the boss doesn’t see it… unless it’s for the boss!

So don’t forget to check out our full range of funny leaving work cards, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect card for that colleague making an escape even if you don’t really like them.

Why Choose Us for a Rude Leaving Card?

All our cards are printed in-house in Carlisle, Cumbria. We use high quality, thick card which has an uncoated inner making it easy to write on. If, like me, you have awful handwriting, why not get an inner messaged printed for an extra £0.75.

Plan ahead and order all of your greeting cards at once and take advantage of our offer of 5 cards for only £9.99. You don’t need to order 5 offensive leaving cards, you can order different cards for a range of occasions, plus if you send over £20 we’ll give you free delivery.

If you order before 3pm Monday – Friday we’ll post your card out the same day. You’ll also have the option of 1st Class or 2nd Class post. For more information regarding delivery or if you have any other questions, see our FAQ’s Page.

What Other Offensive Leaving Cards Do You Have?

If you’ve had a successful whip-round and have managed to collect more than £10 for a leaving gift, we’ve got just the present to give. We have a range of funny leaving mugs that will ensure your ex-colleague will remember you all every time they make a cup of tea or coffee.

We also have a range of rude leaving badges, one of our favourites is – “I’m Fucking Leaving Badge” which is a great way to make sure everyone knows they’re going.