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Funny Pets Cards

Pets are an unignorable part of our lives; we cry in front of them, we laugh with them, and most importantly, we share some of the most special moments with them. So why not say thank you, or I love you with our funny pet cards?

We have a massive library of cards with witty remarks that your pet obviously won’t understand, but being a loving parent, you’ll be happy to share something tangible and emotion with him.

Share Some Funny Cards from the Pet:

Be it a grumpy cat or an overprotective dog; you are their voice, their translator for the human race. So why not share the things they would’ve said on any special occasion if they could speak English? Our funny pet cards will allow you to do just that.

You can get any of our funny cards from the pet with clever taglines well suited for any occasion or day, be it a birthday, wedding, or Valentine’s Day. Let people close to you know how your buddy feels using our cards. I am sure your friends will definitely find it hilarious.

Show Your Love With Some Funny Cards to the Pet:

Want to celebrate the birthday of your furry friend? Or maybe you just want him to be a part of a special day in your life? Why not do it with our funny cards to the pet?

Granted, he won’t know what it is that you’re giving to him, he might even think ‘heck, what is this silly hooman trying to do?’ But he’ll understand that’s how you show your love to him like he does by licking your face.

You Said It Cards Has a Wide Assortment of Funny Pet Cards:

From clever puns to cute taglines, our cards come with all sorts of messages that you can share with your partner in crime. We also provide customisation where you can have something written inside the card.

So why wait now? Shower your furry friend with love by giving one of our cards along with his favourite toy. You can even get a pack of 5 cards for a discounted price of just £9.99 for all the occasions that you want to share with him. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.