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Easter Cards

Make this Easter memorable using our funny Easter cards with witty remarks and clever puns. You can order any card you want from our range of eggstraordinary cards or even get a custom one with your own text written in them for a more personalised experience.

From cute characters associated with this day to laughable tag lines, our cards pack everything you need to put a smile on the faces of people you love.


Share Some Laughs With Funny Easter Cards:

You can either paint some eggs or go through the trouble of arranging chocolate ones, but you cannot be super cool and funny with this kind of present because everyone will be doing the same. If you really want to stand out and get a few laughs out of your loved ones, share some funny and rude Easter cards with them.  

You can even get away without giving gifts using one of our cheeky Easter cards like the one that says, “I did get you an Easter egg, but I kind of ate it” It’s funny and economical at the same time. Plus, the receiver will appreciate this thoughtful gesture more than a gift repeated every year.


Be Eggceptionally Memorable This Easter:

If you want to go with the traditional Easter egg basket gifting but want to stand out too, then you can put one of our offensive Easter cards in the basket that shows a bunny pooping chocolate eggs in a hilarious manner and saying “Where your Easter eggs really come from“. 

Nothing can beat this when it comes to making your egg basket stand out and making your gift memorable. After all, we cherish memories for a long time, not the materialistic things gifted to one another.


Our Cheeky Easter Cards Can Double the Joy:

If you have more than one person to send Easter greetings to, you can get our 5-card bundle at a discounted price of just £9.99 with the freedom to select any card you want. 

We can even bear the shipping costs as a gift and thank you from everyone here at You Said It if you order more than £20 worth of cards.

So let’s make this Easter stand out by sharing some laughs with loved ones using our premium Easter cards, check out FAQs if you want to know more.