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Rude & Funny New Job Cards

Saying goodbye to the colleagues you have worked with for years can be tough and emotional for both of you. They are leaving the people they shared office space for a long time, and you are losing a member of your office family. 

But you can always ease the tension and loosen up the environment with some hilarious new job cards. This way, you can wish them good luck for the new job while making some fun memories to last for a long time.


Say Goodbye With Some Wittiness:

Seeing your office friends moving to a new job is a mixture of happy and sad feelings. You feel happy for them because they are going forward in life, but you also think about the time when you will miss those fun times you had together in the office. 

And your friend might have the same feelings, so why not say goodbye on a lighter note and not let the sadness ruin your last few days in the office together?

With our laughable new job cards, you can do just that! From humorous new job cards like “Good job they didn’t do a background check, congrats on a new job” to offensive new job cards such as “Nobody really likes you, but good luck with the new job”  you can find all kinds of cards for the type of relationship you have with your colleague


Give Them Some To Remember:

Maybe they are moving to a new city? This means you might not have the same frequent out of office interaction with them like you used to have. So why not give them something memorable and bid farewell to them with a funny memory?

You can browse through our collection of hilarious and rude new job cards and get the card best suited to the level of friendship you have with them.


Choose Our Funny New Job Cards to Bid Farewell:

Go through our library of farewell cards to send your colleague and dear friend on their new venture with a smile. Let them know that you are happy about their bright future ahead. 

You can even get something custom written on the card to give it a more personal touch. For just £0.50 extra, we will write whatever you like.

To know about how to order our cheeky new job cards or our refund policies, you can refer to our FAQs page.